Internships in Psychology

The class component of the Karen M. Gil Internship Program in Psychology & Neuroscience. Training includes an emphasis on improving communication and developing professional readiness

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the semester, interns will…

  • Understand the structure, goals, and accomplishments of the host worksite
  • Develop professional materials including resume/cv, cover letter, and thank you notes
  • Enhance a professional skill set, including content-based skills and general professionalism
  • Understand the connections (and gaps) between coursework and professional duties
  • Develop networking skills and shape a personal network through online tools (e.g., LinkedIn)
  • Clarify short-term professional goals and develop plans to pursue them.

Course Project:

Intern Showcase. All interns conduct a semester-ending presentation of their internship experience. Drawing on their work across the semester, interns construct a poster detailing 1) their internship worksite’s mission and characteristics, 2) role & responsibilities as an intern, 3) a summary of the project(s) to which they contributed or led, and 4) a highlight of the various knowledge/ skills/abilities (KSA) gained. The poster is presented to an open audience of professionals, faculty members, administration, and interested students.